The No Man Zone Movie Download in Hindi in 720p HD

The No Man Zone Movie Download in Hindi — The No Man Zone is a 2022 Comedy and Science Fiction movie that has been directed by Dmitry Gribanov and has screenplay by Vyacheslav Zub, Anatoly Molchanov, Alexey Zuenok and Dmitry Krepchuk.

The No Man Zone Movie Download in Hindi

Film Details

  • Directed By: Dmitry Gribanov
  • Penned By: Vyacheslav Zub, Anatoly Molchanov, Dmitry Krepchuk, Alexey Zuenok
  • Studio: Start Studio
  • Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi

The Plot

What happens if, as a result of a biological warfare, almost the entire male population no longer ceases to exist? Women will grieve for a short time & then they will unite with each other to create a new better world – with eco-towns, opportunities to do whatever they want to, renewable energy, even yoga and self-development, even science & biohacking.

Reproduction would now occur by artificial insemination and only girls are born in the whole new world. But not everyone likes such a worldly order. Some of the men who manage to survive & those women who are loyal to them go to live in abandoned cities and begin to steal electricity, traditional sex and enjoying freedom. The tranquility of the ideally arranged female world gets threatened when a teacher Rada from the eco-city “2 Hills” meets the young “primate” Hera outside it.

Cast Of The Film

  • Pelageya Nevzorova
  • Nikita Kologrivyy
  • Andrey Skorokhod
  • Zhanna Epple
  • Anna Snatkina
  • Vladimir Yepifantsev
  • Filipp Blednyy
  • Olga Venikova
  • Svetlana Kamynina
  • Konstantin Fedorov
  • Zara Arshakyan
  • Vladimir Kurtseba
  • Yana Sivakova
  • Mariya Volchok
  • Kirill Volin
  • Vladislav Yudin
  • Kazbek Kibizov
  • Mariya Slastenkova
  • Valeri Skorokosov
  • Anfisa Vistingauzen
  • Evgeniya Archipenko
  • Elena Alferova
  • Marina Bogatova

More About The Film

The No Man Zone (2022) is a satirical watch that offers a fresh take on the dramedy genre. It’s year 2140 and the society has undergone profound changes & is now run as a matriarchy, thus the reliance on men has ended. 2 Hills is one of the communities which has been founded by this new order.

It’s a place of perfection, where there’s harmony rather than conflict, science & reason prevail & the environment is protected & respected.

The No Man Zone Movie in Hindi Download Here

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