20 Mixed Fan Reactions To Ironheart Suit From Wakanda Forever

The next big MCU project we’ve got to focus on is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It is going to be the final Phase 4 movie, and it will leave us with three significant changes in the MCU. First, we’ll be getting a new Black Panther. Second, Namor’s underwater world of Tlalocan will show up on the surface world. And third, we’re getting the debut of Riri Williams. Wakanda Forever showed us Riri’s Ironheart suit, and fans have mixed feelings about the suit ever since. Check out the fan reactions to Ironheart suit:

1. True!!


2. Haha!

3. Boom!!


4. LOL!

5. Exactly!


6. WTF!!

7. Shit!!


8. Very Disappointing!

9. Crazy!!


10. Very Funny!

11. Exactly!


12. It’s Art!

13. Genuinely Cool!


14. So Cool!

15. Amazing!


16. Seriously!

17. Looks Good!


18. Beautiful!

19. Literally!


20. Agreed!

Which reactions to Ironheart suit did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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