20 Heartbreaking Fan Reactions To Kevin Conroy’s Death Who Voiced Batman

Kevin Conroy is best known for voicing DC comic superhero Batman in various animated series. He’s been the best, and recently we lost him. He died at the age of 66, and ever since, fans have been devastated by his demise. Check out some of the fan reactions to Kevin Conroy’s death:

1. No More!


2. Literally!

3. Sudden Silence!


4. He was the best!

5. Exactly!


6. Make Sense!

7. Everywhere!


8. Fans!

9. Best Batman!


10. Seriously!

11. Absolutely!


12. Best defender!

13. Not Ready!


14. Sad!

15. RIP!


16. Batman foerver!

17. Always!


18. Made childhood the best memories!

19. Literally!


20. It’s Been An Honor!

These were the reactions to Kevin Conroy’s death. He’ll always be our Batman. Let us know your reaction in the comments.

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