18 Pictures of Jason Momoa That Will Prove He’s The Craziest

Aquaman is maybe the most underrated superhero in the D.C Universe. But Jason Momoa made this character super awesome, and we all love him. We loved the first Aquaman movie, and now we are getting another one, and fans are super excited about it. Check out these super cool Instagram pictures of Jason Momoa, which will prove he’s the craziest:

1. Super Crazy!


2. Coolest Dad!

3. Oh Yeah!


4. Amazing!

5. Fishing!!


6. Aww!

7. LOL!


8. Always Crazy!

9. Hehe!


10. Sweet!!

11. In the Ice Tub!


12. With Josh Brolin!

13. These Two Are Awesome!


14. Best Ones!

15. Craziest!!


16. Perfect!

17. Fun Time!


18. All Dressed Up!

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