18 Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Images From Enola Holmes 2 Movie Set

Netflix just released Enola Holmes 2, and it looks pretty remarkable. Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill gain love once again. Check out these fantastic behind-the-scenes images from Enola Holmes 2 movie set:

1. These two!!


2. Lovely!!

3. Cutie!!


4. Sweet!

5. Aww, Sherlock!!


6. Haha!

7. Wonderful Times!!


8. Lovely!!

9. Silly!!


10. Best One!!

11. Our Own Sherlock!!


12. Adorable!!

13. Pretty!!


14. Absolute Fun!!

15. All Set!!


16. Love These Two!!

17. Amazing!!


18. Wonderful!!

Did you like these behind-the-scenes images from Enola Holmes 2? Have you watched the movie yet? Comment down your answers.

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