15 Most Handsome Pictures of Liam Hemsworth To Check Out

Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor who is the one hot sibling of another Hollywood hunk, Chris Hemsworth. Liam Hemsworth played the role of Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games Series. It has been said that he is replacing Henry Cavill in The Witcher series season 4. Check out some of the most stunning pictures of Liam Hemsworth:

1. Aww!!


2. Liam Hemsworth With Laura Dern!

3. OMG!!


4. That Body!

5. Awesome!


6. So Cool!

7. Love These Two!!


8. Wonderful!!

9. He Loves His Dogs!!


10. Adorable!!

Pictures of Liam Hemsworth

11. Haha!


12. Lovely!

13. Always Trolling Siblings!!


14. Amazing!!

15. Sleepy Popcorn!!

So, did you like these pictures of Liam Hemsworth? Are you excited to see him in the Netflix series? Comment down your answers.

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