Totapuri Kannada Movie Download in High Definition [HD] Audio

Totapuri Kannada Movie Download — Totapuri is a 2022 Kannada Rom com movie that has been helmed by Vijaya Prasad & produced by K A Suresh. The film casts Jaggesh, Suman Ranganathan, Dhananjay & Aditi Prabhudeva are seen in leading roles.

Totapuri Kannada Movie Download

Cast Of The Film

  • Jaggesh as Eeregowda as a tailor
  • Suman Ranganathan
  • Dhananjay
  • Aditi Prabhudeva
  • Veena Sundar as Rangamma
  • H. G. Dattatreya
  • Hema Dutta as Nanjamma

Directed by

  • Vijaya Prasad

Sound Department

  • Ramji Soma for trailer re-recording mixer

Music Department

  • Ramji Soma for Mastering Engineer / Mixing Engineer

Cast Of The Film

  • H.G. Dattatreya
  • Jaggesh
  • Dhananjaya as Dhananjay
  • Ram Manjjonaath as Dharmadarshi
  • Aditi Prabhudeva
  • Suman Ranganath
  • Veena Sundar

Ere Gowda (played by Jaggesh) is a famous ladies’ tailor belonging from Srirangapatna, likes to go to Dargah often. Shakila Banu (played by Aditi Prabhudeva) is a cashier in a bank who has a habit of going to Raya Mutt every Thursday & eating prasadam.

In addition, she plays Veena in Matha programmes. As such, Ere Gowda & Shakeela Banu become acquainted for Achana. Seeing the good heart of Ere Gowda, Shakila falls in love w/ him. Ere Gowda too falls in love with her. Director Vijay Prasad has woven many emotional & timely scenes about how love can be born beyond the walls of religion. It should be seen in the film rather than explained.

Along with Ere Gowda & Shakila Banu, Donne Rangamma (palyed by Veena Sundar) 7 Nanjamma (played by Hema Dutta) have also played roles in the film. Through these 4 characters, the director has been able to unveil the current society. These 4 people have effectively conveyed what the director wanted to say. The director has tried to convey the inequality & suffering of religion through each character and has simply unraveled some subtle entanglements & told them how to touch the minds of the audience.

Totapuri Kannada Movie Download Here

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