Salo Movie Download Link in Hindi in 720p HD For Free

Salo Movie Download Link in Hindi — Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom is a 1975 horror art movie helmed and co-penned by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The movie is a loose adaptation of the 1785 novel The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade. The story’s setting is of the World War II era. It was Pasolini’s final movie which was released 3 weeks after his murder.

Salo Movie Download Link in Hindi

The movie has prime focus on 4 wealthy, corrupt Italian libertines in the time of the fascist Republic of Salò. The libertines kidnap 18 teenagers & subject them to 4 months of extreme violence, sexual and psychological torture and sadism. The movie explores themes of political corruption, authoritarianism, consumerism, nihilism, capitalism, morality, totalitarianism, sexuality, sadism and fascism.

The Cast

  • Paolo Bonacelli as Il duca
  • Giorgio Cataldi as Monsignore
  • Uberto Paolo Quintavalle as Eccellenza (as Umberto P. Quintavalle)
  • Aldo Valletti as Il presidente
  • Caterina Boratto as Signora Castelli
  • Elsa De Giorgi as Signora Maggi
  • Hélène Surgère as Signora Vaccari (as Helene Surgere)
  • Sonia Saviange as La pianista
  • Sergio Fascetti as Vittima (Maschio)
  • Bruno Musso as Carlo Porro – Vittima (Maschio)
  • Antonio Orlando as Tonino – Vittima (Maschio)
  • Claudio Cicchetti as Vittima (Maschio)
  • Franco Merli as Vittima (Maschio)
  • Umberto Chessari as Vittima (Maschio)
  • Lamberto Book as Lamberto Gobbi – Vittima (Maschio)
  • Gaspare Di Jenno as Rino – Vittima (Maschio)
  • Giuliana Melis as Vittima (Femmina)
  • Faridah Malik as Fatimah – Vittima (Femmina)
  • Graziella Aniceto as Vittima (Femmina)
  • Renata Moar as Vittima (Femmina)
  • Dorit Henke as Doris – Vittima (Femmina)
  • Antiniska Nemour as Vittima (Femmina) (as Antinisca Nemour)
  • Benedetta Gaetani as Vittima (Femmina)
  • Olga Andreis as Eva – Vittima (Femmina)
  • Tatiana Mogilansky as Figlia
  • Susanna Radaelli as Figlia
  • Giuliana Orlandi as Figlia
  • Liana Acquaviva as Figlia
  • Rinaldo Missaglia as Militare
  • Giuseppe Patruno as Militare
  • Guido Galletti as Militare
  • Efisio Etzi as Militare
  • Claudio Troccoli as Collaborazionista
  • Fabrizio Menichini as Collaborazionista
  • Maurizio Valaguzza as Collaborazionista
  • Ezio Manni as Collaborazionista
  • Paola Pieracci as Ruffiana
  • Carla Terlizzi as Ruffiana
  • Dossena Anna Maria Dossena as Ruffiana
  • Anna Recchimuzzi as Ruffiana
  • Ines Pellegrini as Serva

Salo Movie Link in Hindi Download Here

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