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Marvel Memes: 18 Times When Fans Trolled Kevin Feige

Everybody knows Kevin Feige as he is the big boss, the man behind the perfect Marvel Cinematic Universe. But still, fans can’t stop themselves from roasting things related to Kevin Feige. Check out the funniest Marvel memes:

1. Nope!!


2. Exactly!

3. LOL!


4. So Dumb!

5. It’s Ok!


6. Haha!

7. Who Did That?!


8. Well!!

9. Silence!


10. LOL!

Marvel memes

11. He’s Gone!


12. Until!

13. No, He’s Not!


14. Seriously, Dude!

15. Where Is He?


16. Oh No!

17. That’s Right!


18. LMAO!

These Marvel memes are hilarious. Which meme made you laugh the most? Comment down your answers.

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