Man-Thing Memes: 18 Times When Fans Loved Him In Werewolf By Night

The MCU has launched its 38th project as a special presentation for this Halloween period. It’s called Werewolf By Night, and people have plenty of questions about it. MCU’s Monsterverse has been introduced, as we already saw a couple of monsters with Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night. Fans love the Man-Thing from the show, and here are some of the funniest Man-Thing memes:

1. Best Part!!


2. OMG!!

3. Loving The Movie!!


4. Love Him!!

5. Oh Yeah!!


6. LOL!!

7. Aww!!


8. That’s Right!!

9. It’s His Turn Now!!


10. Love Him!!

Man-Thing memes

11. Enjoy!!


12. Holy Shit!!

13. The Legend!!


14. So Great!!

15. Fan Favorite!!


16. Craze for Him!!

17. So Good!!


18. For Real!!

So, did these Man-Thing memes make you laugh? Let us know about your favorite meme from the ones shown above.

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