Karnasubarnar Guptodhon Full Movie Download

Karnasubarnar Guptodhon Full Movie Download —  Karnasubarnar Guptodhon is a Bengali Adventure Mystery Thriller film that is the 3rd film of the Guptodhon Franchise. This is another thrilling adventure of Sona da, Abir and Jhinuk. The vacation of the trio is a wonderful occasion that soon turns into a dangerous quest for the greatest treasure of Bengal.

Karnasubarnar Guptodhon Full Movie Download

As Sona Da unlocks every clue, his wit and mind constantly get challenged, while his loved ones put on parole & the entire adventure comes under a series of threats until he unearths one of the greatest treasures that the whole Bengal has ever known.

Lack of edgy thrills in the movie made this adventure ride the worst out of the Sona-da Trilogy or franchise. The screenplay was sloth while the characters were not properly sketched as per the audience.
Repetition of actions as well as dialogues were verbose. Saurav was a miscast even though he tried his best to fit into the character, but in vain.
da ( Rajatava da ) with his superb screen presence, tried to portray the character the best as he could. The trio Sona da, Abir and Jhinuk were great as usual.
The climax was also hurried up. Moreover, Barun Chanda and ID ( Indrashish da ) had their moments but Kamaleswar da, Anindita & Anuradha Roy were just treated as trophies. However, the small characters have made their presence amply felt, especially Phagun, Jadugar and the child artist ( female ) Tusu.
Overall very Poor a film ! But better than the other 3 films of this Puja. The villains started being evil, but gradually rendered into comedians. That’s the biggest drawback. Even the Tusu song in fair, was repeated twice with the accident sequence. This movie is overall not made meticulously.
However, Bikram Ghosh’s Background Score was fairly good … Do watch it once. Sougata Basu’s writing and Sanglap Bhowmik’s writing could have been tighter and crisper respectively. But, Soumik Halder’s Cinematography is impactful. Its a visual treat of Purulia Tourism, that’s all !

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