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Kantara Movie Download Hindi Filmyzilla — Kantara is a 2022 Kannada movie released on 30 Sep, 2022. It was directed by Rishab Shetty and featured Rishab Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, Achyuth Kumar and Pramod Shetty in the prominent roles. Kishore Kumar G was also roped in for the film.

Kantara Movie Download Hindi Filmyzilla

The film is set in a fictional village of Dakshin Kannada named Kantara which is a visual grandeur which brings alive Kambla and Bhootha Kola’s traditional culture. It’s believed that Demigods are the guardians & their energies have been encircling the village.
The Cast
  • Rishab Shetty as Kaadubettu Shiva &  His Father (as Dual role)
  • Sapthami Gowda as Leela
  • Kishore Kumar G. … Murali
  • Achyuth Kumar as Devendra Suttooru
  • Pramod Shetty as Sudhakara
  • Prakash Thuminad as Raampa
  • Swaraj Sheety as Guruva (as Shiva’s Cousin)
  • Manasi Sudhir as Shiva’s mother
  • Vinay Bidappa as King (as Cameo appearence)
  • Mime Ramdas as Naaru
  • Deepak Rai Panaje as Sundara
  • Ragu Pandeshwar as Forest Officer
  • Suchan Shetty as Forest Guard Ravi
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
  • Shanil Guru as Bulla
  • Prabhakar Kunder as Mahadeva
  • Naveen D. Padil as Lawyer
  • Ranjan Saju as Lacchu
  • Shetty Pragathi Rishab Shetty as King’s Wife (as Cameo appearence)
  • Shetty Rakshith Ramachandra Shetty as Devendra’s Henchman
  • Shine Shetty as Devendra’s Father (as Cameo appearence)
In the story of Kantara, there’s a ripple when we see a battle of ego swirling along tradition & culture of the land. The soul of the story is on human & nature conflict in which Shiva is the rebellion who works against nature.
There are intense conflicts in which he indulges. In the end, there’s a much awaiting loop that leads to war b/w the villagers & the evil forces. If Shiva, the protagonist of the film can reinstate peace & harmony in the village is something for you to unveil in the movie.
The film has a predictable storyline that’s embellished w/ technical brilliance which makes the experience unique. The director shines as himself as well as the protagonist. The cinematography of Kantara pulls the audience into the film & makes you a part of it.
The 1st half of the film has a very engaging storyline & also has apt comedy w/ quirky one-liners that are in coastal dialect. The 2nd half delves deep into the actual story of culture & tradition which has been blended w/ a little bit of mystery.
The biggest take away from the film is the pre-climax & climax which is conceived & performed to perfection. The performance of Rishab Shetty in the last 20 mins is chilling as he comes from the coastal region. The mannerisms have also come out effortlessly on the screen. The film shows the hidden aggressive side of Rishab as an actor.

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