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Alicent Memes: 18 Times When Fans Trolled Her Foot Fetish Scene

House of the Dragon is the perfect show; fans love watching it. The show includes so severe stuff and also some things which can be found a little weird sometimes. Check out the naughtiest Alicent memes fans created after watching her foot fetish scene:

1. So She Does!!


2. LOL!

3. LMAO!!


4. Sure!!

5. Ascended!!


6. Pleasure Business!!

7. Oh No!


8. Literally!!

9. WTH!!


10. Very Exclusive!

Alicent memes

11. That’s Right!


12. Exactly!

13. Seriously!!


14. Oh Yeah!

15. Haha!


16. At Your Service!!

17. Oh God!!


18. The Offer!

Damn, these Alicent memes are hilarious. Did they make you laugh too? Let us know about it in the comments.

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