20 Unseen Behind-The-Scenes Images From Thor 4 Movie Set

Thor: Love and Thunder was the movie fans were waiting to watch after the excellent Thor: Ragnarok. But the movie didn’t satisfy the fans much. But here we have brought you some of the infrequent and unseen behind-the-scenes images from Thor 4:

1. Taika With God The Butcher!


2. Checking Out The Scene!!

3. Perfect!


4. These Three!!

5. Jane Foster!!


6. Chris Hemsworth With Stunt Double!!

7. Cute!


8. With The Director!!

9. Oh Yeah!


10. Laughter On Set!

11. Yess!!


12. Fun With Stunt Double!!

13. Hilarious!!


14. Adorable!!

15. Wow!!


16. Haha!

17. That’s Right!


18. Touch Up!

19. Amazing!


20. Understanding The Scene!

These were the behind-the-scenes images from Thor 4. Which of them did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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