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20 Funniest Wolverine And Deadpool Memes

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been in a fake feud,s but in real life, they are best friends. Recently in an interview, Ryan Reynolds teased the entry of wolverine in MCU as Logan, and fans could not keep their calm. Check out the funniest Wolverine and Deadpool memes:

1. Just Stop That!!


2. Wait, What?

3. Again!!


4. Where Is It?

5. Totally!!


6. Damn!!

7. Seriously!!


8. Great One!!

9. Anyway!!


10. Oops!!

11. Self-Contained!!


12. Whoops!!

13. Stupid Jokes!!


14. Not Really!!

15. Hehe!!


16. Sure!!

17. Relatable!!


18. Crazy!!

19. Exactly!!


20. LMAO!

Did these Wolverine and Deadpool memes make you laugh too? Comment down your answers.

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