15 Early Reviews Of Black Adam To Check Out Before You Watch It

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is about to hit the theatres, and the review embargo has finally lifted. And with that comes the Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes score you might have been wondering about. Well, it isn’t “swell!” Check out some of the early reviews of Black Adam:

1. Literally!!


2. That’s What It Means!!

3. Oh Yeah!


4. Both Good And Ill!!

5. LOL!!


6. LMAO!!

7. So Beautiful!


8. Oops!

9. Some Haters!


10. Staying The Same!

11. Totally!

12. Just Remember!!


13. He Doesn’t Give A F!

14. May be!


15. That’s Right!

Did you find these early reviews of Black Adam useful? Are you excited about this movie? Let us know in the comments.

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