Immortals Movie Download in Hindi in High Definition [HD] Audio

Immortals Movie Download in Hindi — Immortals is a 2011 American fantasy action movie helmed by Tarsem Singh which stars Henry Cavill, Luke Evans, Stephen Dorff, Isabel Lucas, John Hurt, Freida Pinto, Kellan Lutz, Daniel Sharman, Joseph Morgan & Mickey Rourke.

Immortals Movie Download in Hindi

The movie was previously titled Dawn of War and War of the Gods before it was officially titled as Immortals. It uses motifs of the Greek myths of Theseus, the Minotaur, the return of the Heraclids & the Titanomachy, but the plot doesn’t resemble any of the coherent narrative that originates from Greek mythology.

About the plot

The 12 Olympians imprisoned the Titans beneath Mount Tartarus which made them lose the powerful Epirus Bow. King Hyperion then searches for the bow in order to release the Titans. Hyperion is then seen attempting to capture the virgin oracle Phaedra in order to use her dreams & visions to find it. He hears that a man named Theseus will slay him.

Movie Cast

Henry Cavill as Theseus
a mortal chosen
by Zeus to fight evil.
Robert Naylor
as Young Theseus.
Stephen Dorff as
Stavros, a cunning
slave and master
thief who joins
Theseus on his quest
Luke Evans as Zeus
the God of the
Sky and King of the Gods
John Hurt as Old
Man, a disguise used
by Zeus to interact
with mortals
Isabel Lucas as Athena
the Goddess of Wisdom
Kellan Lutz as Poseidon
the God of the Sea
Freida Pinto as Phaedra
an Oracle priestess who
joins Theseus on
his quest.
Daniel Sharman
as Ares, the God of War.
Mickey Rourke as
King Hyperion, the
King of Heraklion. Shares the
name with the
titan Hyperion. He is
loosely based on King Minos
Joseph Morgan as Lysander
a traitorous Athenian soldier
who joins King Hyperion
after being discharged.
Peter Stebbings as Helios
general of the
Athenian forces.
Anne Day-Jones as
Aethra, the mother of Theseus.
Greg Bryk as Nycomedes
a monk in service to Phaedra.
Corey Sevier as
Apollo, the God of Light.
Steve Byers as
Heracles, the god
who forged the Epirus Bow.
Robert Maillet as the
Minotaur, Hyperion’s powerful
henchman who wears
a metal bull mask.
Alan van Sprang as
Dareios, a slave who
joins Theseus on his quest.
Stephen McHattie as
Cassander, the leader
of the Athenian Council.
Mark Margolis as a
monk at the
Sibylline Monastery.
Gage Munroe as
Acamas, son of
Theseus and Phaedra

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