20 Game Of Thrones Set Pictures Remembering The Show

Since we have House of The Dragons right now, the prequel to Game of Thrones, and after having this show, we remember the time when we enjoyed and were obsessed with that show. Check out some of the Game of Thrones set pictures:

1. Bran Stark With White Walker!


2. Girl Power!!

3. Super Cute!!


4. So Cold!!

5. This Looks Funny!!


6. Crazy Lannister Siblings

7. Just Before The Big Kill!!


8. Little Stark Siblings Having Fun Game!!

9. Lovely!!


10. Flexibility Check!

11. Maisie Williams With Ed Sheeran!!


12. Oh God!!

13. Haha!!


14. Oh, Dany!!

15. These Two!!


16. Kit Doing the Free Touch-Ups!!

17. LMAO!!


18. Wow!!

19. Umbrella Team!!


20. LOL!

These Game of Thrones set pictures are amazing. Also, are you enjoying watching its prequel? Comment down your answers.

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