20 Funniest Thunderbolts Memes To Check Out

Marvel revealed the Thunderbolts lineup, which is relatively good with 3 Super Soldiers (Bucky, Alexie, and John Walker), 2 Black Widows (Yelena and Taskmaster), a Ghost, and a darker Nick Fury named Val. But there’s too much redundancy in the squad. A bit more variety was expected. Check out the funniest Thunderbolts memes:

1. Haha!!


2. Yes!!

3. Not Yet!!


4. Seriously!!

5. Where is he?


6. Haha!!

7. Character Description!


8. Crazy!!

9. Exactly!!


10. Absolutely!!

Thunderbolts memes

11. Forgotten!!


12. Literally!

13. Where is Punisher?


14. Bring Him In!

15. Haha!!


16. LOL!

17. Piss Off!!


18. Real Shit!!

19. Organising Failure!


20. That’s it!!

So, did these Thunderbolts memes make you laugh? Let us know about it in the comments.

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