20 Wolverine Memes As He Was Teased In She-Hulk 

Ms. Marvel began the trend of introducing mutants in the MCU. And now She-Hulk seems to be continuing that. She-Hulk’s second episode had already dropped a significant bombshell, and many of us didn’t even notice! The latest ep sort of confirmed the existence of Wolverine in MCU. Check out how fans reacted to it via Wolverine memes:

1. It Was Amazing!!


2. OMG!!

3. Holy Shit!!


4. Call The Paramedics!!

5. Wolverine is Confirmed!


6. Definitely!!

7. Oh Shit!


8. What?!

9. Huge!!


10. Finally!!

11. They All Are Coming!!


12. Oh Yeah!

13. Haha!!


14. So Exciting!!

15. Exactly!!


16. Damn!!

17. There It Is!!


18. LOL!!

19. Hehe!!


20. Woooo!!

These Wolverine memes are hilarious. Did you like these memes? Comment down your answers.

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