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15 Times Fans Made Ezra Miller Memes

Ezra Miller is not having the best year as fans might have expected due to his involvement in two major projects of the year. Celebrities making it to the news with reports of misbehavior and misconduct is nothing new. This often affects the performance of their movies at the box office or some significant changes to the project. Recently Ezra Miller acted on everything which was going on, and so here we bring you some of the harsh yet funny Ezra Miller memes: 

1. If That Helps!


2. Everybody’s Happiness!!

3. Damn!


4. Absolutely!

5. Oh No!!


6. Definitely Not Him!

7. Whoaa!


8. Really Really Bad!

9. Oops!


10. Good Riddance!

11. Hehe!


12. Oh Shit!

13. Mustache Made It Obvious!


14. Super Crisis!

15. Oh No!

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