15 Times Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Trolled Each Other On Social Media

We’ve got quite a lot of best buds that are working in the industry together. But none of them are buddies like Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. These two keep ribbing each other, providing us with the funniest moments. Check out how much they roast each other on social media:

1. The Body Swap


2. The Way They Troll Each Other!

3. Hilarious As Hell!


4. The Revenge!

5. The Little Ones!


6. Funniest Gift Ever!

7. The True Bromance!


8. LOL!

9. Damn!


10. This Is Funny!

11. Kevin’s Reaction is Gold!


12. LMAO!

13. A True Friend Must Troll!


14. Awww!

15. The Best One!

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