15 Memes And Early Reactions To She-Hulk Series

She-Hulk is about to arrive, and the Embargo will be lifting soon. But if you want to know what the critics’ first reactions are, you won’t go out disappointed. The consensus says that She-Hulk is quite goofy, but Tatiana Maslany is killing it as Jennifer Walters. Kevin Feige had already claimed that this series would be an all-out comedy. Check out some of the early reactions to She-Hulk series:

1. Going To Love It!!


2. So Much Good!!

3. Best Positive!!


4. Love Her!!

5. Double It!!


6. Oh Yeah!

Early Reactions To She-Hulk

7. Evolving Backwards!!


8. Damn!

9. Get Prepared!


10. OMG!

11. OMG!!


12. Can’t Be Real!

13. Massacred Him!


14. Easy Recommendation!

15. Super Excited!

Which memes and early reactions to She-Hulk did you enjoy the most? Comment down your answers.

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