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15 Korg Memes That Show Fans Love Trolling Him

Taika Waititi is undoubtedly one of the unique directors Marvel or Disney has in their court. He was terrific with Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love And Thunder. Just like James Gunn have us Rocket & Groot, Taika has given us Korg & Miek. These two aliens aren’t as iconic as Rocket & Groot, but Korg is the perfect supporting character. His scenes from Ragnarok were really funny, and his involvement in Endgame was most welcome. Check out some of the funniest Korg memes:

1. LOL!!


2. That’s It!!

3. Oh Yeah!


4. Mimir It Is!!

5. Exactly!!


6. Really Good!!

Korg memes

7. Thunder Thunder!


8. Thank God!!

9. Taika’s Choice!!


10. Haha!

11. Wow!


12. Well, Yeah!!

13. Not Again!!


14. It’s Actually Korg’s Suggestion!!

15. Whoaa!

Which of these Korg memes made you laugh the most? Let us know your answers down in the comments.

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