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15 Fan Reactions To Moon Knight Season 2 As It Wasn’t Announced At SDCC 2022

Kevin Feige announced many new Marvel projects for MCU phase 5, and fans were expecting to get some updates about Moon Knight season 2, but there weren’t any, which upset fans. Check out some fan reactions to Moon Knight season 2 as it wasn’t announced:

1. Noooo!!


2. That’s Right!

3. What The Heck!!


4. Seriously!!

5. LOL!!


6. Need That!!

7. Where Are You?


8. Sad!!

9. So Scared!!

10. Please!!


11. Do It!!

12. Why?


13. True!!

14. The Fall!!


15. Oh No!!

These fan reactions to Moon Knight season 2 show how disappointed fans are. Are you disappointed too? Comment down your answers.

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