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Nadi Dosh Movie Download Link — The 2022 film Nadi Dosh is a Rom-Com action movie helmed by Krishnadev Yagnik penned by the director himself. Its production has been taken care of by Nilay Chotai and Munna Shukul.

Nadi Dosh Movie Download Link


  • Krishnadev Yagnik
  • Chinmay Parmar … (creative director)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

  • Krishnadev Yagnik … (written by)

Cast (in credits order)

  • Yash Soni as Kevin
  • Janki Bodiwala as Riddhi
  • Raunaq Kamdar as Kunal
  • Prashant Barot as Prashant
  • Ashish Kakkad as Kamlesh
  • Dipika Raval as Krupa
  • Kinnal Nayak as Sanjivani
  • Ravi Gohil as Nishit

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:

  • Karan Yogeshbhai Dave Karan Yogeshbhai Dave was the Lift Man
  • Rahul Goswami Rahul Goswami was the Room Service Boy
  • Ronak Madgut Ronak Madgut was the Puncture Man(Mechanic)
  • Chinmay Parmar Chinmay Parmar was the Band Baja Singer

Synopsis Of The Film

New generation love birds, Riddhi and Kevin, shrewdly tackle the issue of ‘Naadi Dosh’, an old and dogmatic faith.

Produced by

  • Nilay Chotai was the producer
  • Munna Shukul was the producer
  • Bhavin Dipakkumar Trivedi was the executive producer / line producer

Music by

Kedar Bhargav

Cinematography by

  • Haresh Bhanushali
  • Prashant Gohel

Film Editing by

  • Nirav Panchal

Art Direction by

  • Vinal Jain

Costume Design by

  • Zalak Majethia as Zalak Majethiya (costumes designed by)

Makeup Department

  • Anant Pathak was the makeup department head

Production Management

  • Ronak Madgut was the production manager
  • Parth Ruparelia was the assistant production manager
  • Dipak Shekhar was the production manager
  • Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
  • Shivam Bhatt was the additional second assistant director
  • Karan Yogeshbhai Dave was the second assistant director
  • Rahul Goswami was the third assistant director
  • Priyanka Lodhwad was the additional second assistant director
  • Uttkarsh Parmar was the additional second assistant director
  • Manan Raval was the associate director
  • Aaryan Sinh Solanki was the second assistant director
  • Meet Jaykant Soni was the second assistant director
  • Yash Vaishnav was the first assistant director

Art Department

  • Parth Ruparelia was the assistant art director

Sound Department

  • Devabrot Chaliha was the re-recording mixer
  • Costume and Wardrobe Department
  • Khushbu Pancha was the costume assistant

Editorial Department

  • Shivam Bhatt was the assistant editor
  • Prashant Dhotre Colorist was the Digital Intermediate Colorist
  • Uttkarsh Parmar was the assistant editor

Music Department

  • Aditya Gadhvi was the Playback Singer
  • Aishwarya Majmudar was the Playback Singer
  • Rahul Munjariya was the Original Background Score

Additional Crew

  • Ankit Brahmbhatt was the Digital Campaign
  • Krunal Soni was the Choreographer


ફિલ્મ તમે જોવો તો ખરેખર મા એવું લાગે કે સ્ટોરી ને ઍક્ટિંગ મા મજા આવી ગઈ. પણ એક સમય હતો કે આપણે એવું ગર્વ થી કહી શકતા તા કે ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ એટલે ફેમિલી ફિલ્મ. આ ફિલ્મ માં થોડીક કચાશ મન માં રહી ગઈ કે જે ગર્વ રહેતો તો એ તોડી નાખ્યો. મને ઘણા બધા તમારા માંથી કહેશે કે ભાઈ શું કઈ પણ લખે છે પણ હું મારા મન ની વાત જણાવી રહ્યો છું. જે ગર્વ છે એ જાળવી રાખો ને બોલિવૂડ ને હોલિવૂડ જેવું કરવા ના જાઓ. સિમ્પલ સોબર મા પણ બહુ જ સરસ લાગો છો.


A very simple family story… but amazingly made by Director Krishnadev Yagnik… told so well… with stellar performances by the actors… and well characterised… the brother- sister relationship showed so well… kudos to KUNAL played by Raunaq Kamdar… Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala… sizzling as Kevin and Riddhi… Prashant Barot and Lt. Ashish Kakkad as the Fathers… and Ravi Gohel as a goody brother… Super Music by Kedar Bhargav Lyrics so lively by Bhargav Purohit and Milind Gadhvi… All in all a “MUST WATCH”

All of this from the film is quite entertaining since the actors emote well & they also have a good comic timing. We get to even learn that Kevin’s father ‘Kamlesh’ (played by Ashish Kakkad) is the boss of Riddhi. The families meet each other and everything’s hunky dory until the father of Riddhi, Prashant (played by Prashant Barot) consults an astrologer for matching the birth charts of the bride & the groom.

Nadi Dosh Movie Link Download Here

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