20 Thor 4 Memes That Show Fans Can’t Stop Trolling It

Thor: Love and Thunder movie has been released ever since then, and fans are criticizing the movie for not being able to deliver what they had expected. The movie showed Thor as a goofball, and fans didn’t like the movie that much. Here are the funniest and craziest Thor 4 memes that fans took to another level:

1. Space Viking!!

2. Did You Die?

3. That’s Right!!


4. Cheers!

5. Damn!!


6. Appropriate!

7. LOL!!


8. Sif’s Arm!!

9. The Best One!!

10. Fine!!

11. Talented Liar!!


12. Putting It On The List!!

13. Copy!!


14. Oh No!!

15. LMAO!


16. You’re Alive?

17. Crazy!!


18. So Close!!

19. Oh No!!


20. WTF?

These Thor 4 memes are hilarious. Which one did you like the most? Comment down your answers.

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