16 Amazing Memes And Fan Reactions To I Am Groot Trailer

The tree creature made its first official live-action debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. Groot has become an integral part of the GOTG franchise. He is not only a reason for comic relief; he has a unique skill set that makes him invaluable as an asset to the Avengers. And now we are getting a series; I Am Groot. Here we brought you some of the most amazing memes and fan reactions to I Am Groot trailer:

1. Always Funny!


2. LOL!!

3. Adorable!

4. That’s Right!


5. Just Awesome!

6. So Freaking Cute!

7. Very Cute!


8. Aww!!

9. Loved It!


10. Haha!

11. Best One!

12. Cuteness Overloaded!


13. Oh Yeah!

14. Exactly!!


15. Hehe!

16. Chilling And Grooting!

Which of the above memes and fan reactions to I Am Groot trailer did you like the most? What was your reaction after watching the trailer? Let us know your answers in the comments.

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