15 Pictures Of Ryan Gosling That Just Took Our Hearts

The Canadian actor and musician Ryan Gosling is one of the best Hollywood actors who has added distinction in his movies. He started his career early and first appeared on Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. He got wider traction in 2004 in the romantic movie The Notebook. And now, he will appear in a live-action Barbie movie which fans are excited to watch. Check out the most handsome pictures of Ryan Gosling that will just pump up your hearts:

1. Barbie Man!


2. So Handsome!

3. Waiting For The Movie!!


4. Perfect!

5. Cutie Patootie!


6. Damn That Body!

7. So Hot!


8. NASA Man!

9. Nice Joke!


10. Adorable!

Pictures of Ryan Gosling

11. Best Actor!


12. Macho!

13. Love Them!


14. Oh Wow!

15. Spectacular Smile!

Which of the above-shown pictures of Ryan Gosling did you like the most? Do let us know about it down in the comments.

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