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69 Sanskar Colony Full Movie Download Movierulz — The 2002 Telugu film 69 Sanskar Colony is a film starring Ester Noronha, Rishwi Thimmaraju and Silpa Nayak as lead characters.. It has been directed by P.Suneel Kumar Reddy.

69 Sanskar Colony Full Movie Download Movierulz

Movie Credits

Movie: 69 Samskar Colony
Streaming Partner: Zee5
Theatrical Release Date: 18 Mar, 2022
Director: P.Suneel Kumar Reddy
Starring: Ester Noronha, Rishwi Thimmaraju and Silpa Nayak
Language: Telugu
Film Industry: Tollywood


Koushik, a teenage boy, moves to the city with his family as a tenant in the Samskar colony where he falls in love with the landlady Vaishali, a married woman.


The film revolves around Koushik who is a teenage boy who moves to the city with his family as a tenant in the Samskar colony. There, he falls in love with the landlady Vaishali, who’s a married woman.

The film sheds a light on another dark facet in our society. The movie explores the irony of relationships, how they lose their meaning in an era of communication and that too in a place where we have every possible gadget to remain connected.

#69 Sanskar Colony is also about an issue that’s conveniently being brushed under the carpet & is a hard-hitting take on a sensitive issue.

The films tells how relationships are crumbling in the era of communication where they are supposed to be strengthened.

It is an open discussion about contemporary society and the film is a bold one – no doubts there! The film is certified for adults and the producer strongly advises only them to watch it.

Her also asks not to blame him later that such a film is having a negative effect on kids and says it’s not made for them.

He added that it is not easy at all and most of his films have strong female characters. In mainstream cinema, the male gaze does not exactly the viewpoint of a woman come to the fore. He says that he always want their say in moulding a character. For instance in the film Oka Romantic Crime Katha, he had a 20-year-old female editor and a female associate director so that not a single 2nd in the movie is undone by the male gaze.

Even one wrong stare from a character towards a woman can change the essence of what he’s trying to tell. He says that he would always want someone from the target audience within his team.

He shared that Swathi, the story writer of 69 Sanskar Colony has also assisted him on the movie and he wanted her presence on the set so that the artiste feels comfortable.

Shooting a romantic movie is as unromantic as it can be. Filmmaking is not as easy as audiences think it is and he tries to seek authenticity in the characterization. He says that audiences should empathize with the roles and he always asks his actors to be unapologetic and embrace it fully and not judge it in anyway. That is something the audience would take care of according to him.

Ester Noronha plays the character of Vaishali in the film who portrays a woman who’s a fantasy for the majority of young men. She’s an embodiment of male desire and a man is a hunter, he always searches for his suitable partner.

In a society, monogamy exists because of social distribution, he added and if given a chance, every man is a hunter. Vaishali is a vehicle through which he wants to discuss a gamut of issues says the producer.

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