20 Most Relatable And Hilarious Tweets By Chris Evans

Chris Evans portrays the role of Captain America and we all are very big fans of him. He’s got the perfect package of being the remarkable Steve Rogers. Chris Evans is so great in real life as well, his tweets and social media posts are just the proof of that. He is hilarious, we all love him with his adorable dog, Dodger. Check out these most relatable and hilarious tweets by Chris Evans that will make you laugh hard:

1. Headshot!!


2. LOL!!

3. Act of Aggression!


4. Grand Daddy Issues!!

5. Oh God!

6. This Happened With Me!!


7. Seriously!!

8. The Biggest Mocker!!


9. Exactly!!

10. Must be!!

Hilarious tweets by Chris Evans


11. LMAO!!

12. Me With My Dog!!


13. They Look Cute Together!!

14. Same Here, Same Here!!

15. Oh Damn!!


16. He And His Dad Joke!!

17. Hilarious!!


18. Much Relatable!!

19. Absolutely Chris!!


20. So Sweet!!

Which of the above hilarious tweets by Chris Evans did you enjoy the most? Comment down your answers.

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