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20 Memes That Shows Fans Are Happy With Johnny Depp’s Win

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial has finally come to an end. After a lot of consideration and struggle, Johnny Depp seems to have won the defamation lawsuit but there is one distinct problem with the entire situation. Depp might have won, but he also has to pay compensatory damages. Check out how much happy fans are happy with Johnny Depp’s win:

1. First Time Ever!!


2. Haha!!

3. Absolutely!!


4. This Is Cool!!

5. Inner Peace!


6. Get Religion!!

7. Seriously!!


8. Still Good!!

9. We Won!!


10. The Good News!!

11. LOL!!


12. Enjoying The Celebration!!

13. Now, Rest!!


14. Cry Time!!

15. Oh Yeah!!


16. Best One!!

17. Totally!!


18. The Avengers!!

19. Out of Mind!!


20. Very Confusing Times!

The above images clearly tell how much fans are happy with Johnny Depp’s win, Are you happy too? Comment down your answers.

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