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20 Memes Roasting Lightyear Movie To Check Out

There are a lot of interesting projects set to come out this year. Amongst them is the highly anticipated Lightyear, which will bring back our fond memories of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies. It has been a long since we saw the spaceman go on an adventure and this time we will see him go solo. And now we are finally going to watch the movie real soon. Till then check out the funniest Buzz the Lightyear memes:

1. Waiting For Long Enough!!


2. True!!

3. So Realistic!


4. Same!!

5. Nice One!


6. Excitement is the Same!

7. LOL!


8. Seriously!

9. The Crossover!!


10. Noooo!!

Buzz The Lightyear memes

11. We All Know!!


12. Haha!!

13. Oh Shit!!


14. Same!!

15. Damn!!


16. LMAO!!

17. Literally!!


18. That’s Right!!

19. Yeyee!!


20. Not Fair!!

These above Buzz The Lightyear memes are hilarious, which ones made you laugh the most? Comment down your answers.

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