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18 Funniest Doctor Strange And America Chavez Memes

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness was a super great movie. Doctor Strange has always been a babysitter first, it was Peter Parker and now he has been seen babysitting America Chavez. Check out the funniest Doctor Strange and America Chavez memes:

1. Do Not!!


2. Seriously!!

3. Really Hard!!


4. Never!!

5. Oh Yeah!!


6. LOL!

7. So Crazy!!


8. That’s It!!

9. There’s A Point!!


10. Gotta Believe That!!

11. Dirty Talks!!


12. That’s Right!!

13. Haha!!


14. Nooo!!

15. Goddamn Babysitter!!


16. LMAO!!

17. Better One?


18. Haha!!

Which of the above Doctor Strange and America Chavez memes is your favorite? Let us know your answers down in the comments section.

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