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18 Ezra Miller Memes After He Ruined His Career

The DCEU is trying very hard to keep pace with Marvel. After all, the characters of Marvel might be more eccentric but DC definitely leads the ballot in developing more mature stories. We had thought that The Flash‘s multiversal event would finally get DC on the right path. The promotional material seemed promising but now DC is plagued with this Ezra Miller controversy. However, now that DCEU decided to replace Ezra Miller after The Flash. Check out these funniest Ezra Miller memes:

1. Oh Boy!!


2. That Will Be Crazy!!

3. Even Harder!!


4. Not Safe Anymore!!

5. Out Of Nowhere!!

6. Oh Thank God!!

7. Damn!!


8. Very Careful!!

Ezra Miller memes

9. Literally!!


10. OMG!!

11. All Gone!


12. Beyond!!

13. Haha!!


14. Very Important!

15. Reverse-Flash!!


16. Oh No!!

17. Make It Double!!


18. Ruing His Own Career!

Which Ezra Miller memes made you laugh the most? Let us know about it down in the comments.

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