Will We Get a Moon Knight Season 2? Everything We Know So Far

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in full swing for the past year and a half. Marvel Studios has made it a point to constantly bombard us with content to a degree that we are not even able to come up to breathe. It is like drawing in references and superhero characters and as a comic nerd, I will graciously accept this death. But first, let us talk about Marvel’s latest OTT release. This beautiful show by the name of Moon Knight did an incredible job of portraying Disassociative Identity Disorder and showing the fans and the protagonist just how troubled he truly was. Season 1 has ended and we are not sure if Moon Knight season 2 is even a thing. So let me tell you everything we know so far…

Moon Knight season 1 had some crazy developments for the MCU. Things have seemed to progress farther than they were before the release of this show. Moreover, there is a certain degree of melancholy in this show. We cannot put our finger on the source of it all but it is beginning to look a lot like it, ” We don’t care about the bigger picture, just about what we want to do in this show.” It is beyond us how the Avengers and other heroes did not notice Ammit devouring the souls of human beings from all over the world. Something, that by the way, was not reversed by the time the show ended. Then the whole blackout situation from the finale needs to be resolved.


Moon Knight Season 2

There is a lot that Moon Knight needs to answer for in season 2. The only problem is that we don’t know whether season 2 is a real possibility or not. Moon Knight was originally conceived as a mini-series by Marvel, just like Hawkeye. This means that the studio currently has no plans to make more episodes about this character. But the thing is, that popular demand might make them change their mind very soon. Moon Knight’s season finale created a world-ending catastrophe that needs to be addressed by the MCU heavy-hitters. Strange, for example, need to take a serious look at the Egyptian Gods and determine if they are a threat or not.


Moreover, Layla became an Avatar of the Goddess Tawaret in the final episode. Her transformation came with a badass costume and unique powers. Will we see more such Avatars in the next season of Moon Knight (If there is one?). Would these Avatars become a staple of the series and the characters around them? More importantly, why did Marvel choose to introduce another Pantheon of Gods when the multiverse has just been released. Marvel seems to be building up to something impossible and they need the strength of all of their best characters. This is the idea behind these hasty introductions of cosmic powerhouses.


The season finale of Moon Knight also revealed the existence of Jake Lockley, who is another one of Marc Spector’s personalities. No one knows much about Jake other than the fact that he is ready to do what Marc and Steven refuse to. Also, he seems much more sadistic than his other two personalities. He is the one who puts down Harrow and is now acting as Khonshu’s main Avatar. We have so many questions about this…


The Future

Moon Knight season 2

But the main question that we need to be answered is whether we will get a season 2 or not. Looking at the response to the first season, we can expect that a season 2 is inevitable. But we might not get to see it until late 2024. That is because Marvel’s release schedule is quite full up until that point. Moreover, Marvel writers need to figure out who’ll be the main antagonist now that Harrow is dead.


It is obvious that Moon Knight and the Overvoid Gods will be participants in the Multiversal War. When and how that will happen is beyond our comprehension at the moment. Anything we say about it will only amount to speculation so we will refrain from commenting.

What do you think should there be Moon Knight season 2 or not? tell us your answers down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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