This Doctor Strange 2 Theory Explains The Bad Third Eye CGI Moment!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is finally out and is already the #1 movie in the world. The movie has been gathering good reviews from the audiences and the critics alike. But this doesn’t mean that the movie is perfect! Like any other movie the size of this one, it has its issues. We can ignore most of them, but ones like the bad CGI for the third eye on Strange’s forehead just can’t be! But we think the VFX department can not be blamed for this. Because this new, crazy Doctor Strange 2 theory may perfectly explain the bad third eye CGI moment.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a far cry from perfect, I think we can all agree on that. But what we love most about the movie is the way the film creators handled it. When a concept like that of the multiverse is involved, it’s difficult to stay focussed on what’s important. But this movie didn’t! At its heart, it was always a Doctor Strange movie. There were some things that we wish Marvel could have improved, especially the third eye CGI scene but it is what it is. But we are not talking about the scene you think we are talking about.


We are talking about the post-credits scene where we see Doctor Strange, finally adjusting to his life, get out of the New York Sanctum. In the following seconds see him walking down a street before he gets shot up with unimaginable pain. We then see a third eye appearing in the middle of his forehead which appears again when he meets Clea. Many people seem to have complained about the quality of CGI by the film crew but we think we can explain this!



Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness took Strange’s defiance of the natural laws a little further. Because this time around, we see him using the book of the Damned to dreamwalk in a different universe. After all his talks with Wanda to avoid using the book, he uses it. Talk about hypocrisy, huh? But as Mordo said, the bill always come due. Wanda’s use of the Darkhold causes her to go mad and wreak havoc on the multiverse. But Strange pays for the mistake differently. When Strange messed with the Darkhold, he opened a door that was supposed to remain shut.


Bad third eye CGI moment

As a result, we see a third eye appearing on the forehead of MCU’s Strange. This eye was a signature of the wizard’s comic counterpart and appeared every time he used the All-seeing eye of Agamotto. But in the MCU, this eye represents a connection to dark magic. But we aren’t here to talk about that! We are here to talk about how badly Marvel presented the eye to us. So it raises a question- Was this intentional or just a stupid mistake? The answer lies in the original script where it wasn’t the eye that appeared on his forehead.


When he used the book of the Damned, he drew on the power of the Dark Dimension, vis-a-vis Dormammu. And this resulted in the signature mark on his forehead, just like Kaecilius’ zealots in the 2016 movie. This would have been a tease to the next movie where we might see him engage with Dormammu but Marvel might’ve changed their plans at the last moment. And as an attempt to save the tease, they tried to hide it with a third eye! And from what we could confirm from our sources, the eye we saw in the final cut was the best they could come within a short period. But it seems a little weird because they still teased Dormammu by introducing her niece, Clea(Charlize Theron), into the MCU.


A huge shoutout to FandomWire.com for coming up with this theory. This theory perfectly explains the bad CGI. It is a complex process and takes weeks to perfect this art. And we can’t expect it to be just perfect when the CGI team didn’t even get enough time to render it perfectly. But in retrospect, their work in the rest of the movie blew our fudge-ing minds. And we shouldn’t call them out for something that was out of their control. This movie was a beautiful masterpiece and it was the case because of the same team we are complaining about. Instead, we should praise them for a job beautifully done.


Did you notice the bad third eye CGI moment too? And what are your thoughts about it after reading the theory? Do let us know in the comments below.

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