Here’s Where Doctor Strange Will Appear Next

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is not the same as it was back at its inception. Things have become significantly wider in scope. This is because of the introduction of new elements in the MCU and the introduction of new universes in the MCU films. Sylvie freed the sacred timeline by killing He Who Remains. This might not have been the smartest of moves. She did it out of revenge and the audience egged her on to make sure that the multiverse would finally become a part of the MCU. Both of us got our wish, but it has ended up causing more chaos rather than mitigating it. We presume that all of this is because Marvel’s storytelling has some sort of cohesion. We think it will all come together when we find out that it is Loki season 2 where Doctor Strange will appear next.

Let’s think back to Loki season 1 for a second. Things got pretty chaotic right at the start of that show. We were introduced to the TVA and the concept of pruning in about 5 minutes. Trillions of lives ended in a blink of an eye and no one bothered to give the situation another look. It was quite jarring for the MCU viewer to observe so much death and the main characters treating it as everyday work. But things were put in perspective when we saw Multiverse of Madness. People out there care about other universes than their own and are bothered to save those lives. But the people who considered themselves responsible for stopping the incursion were themselves sacrificed to the wrath of the Scarlet Witch.


Where Doctor Strange Will Appear Next

All of this is to say that The Illuminati are no longer active. It is highly unlikely that they will be resurrected in the MCU. But the TVA still exists, albeit now it seems to be under the control of Kang the conqueror. We expect that Loki season 2 will explain all of this. It is also expected that season 2 of the show will have more to do with creating nexus events and stopping incursions than pruning timelines altogether. One must remember that Kang does not want to contain the multiverse, that was the aim of He Who Remains. Kang wishes to control the multiverse.


Hence, it is likely that the TVA will cross paths with Strange in the future since they both will attempt to stop the incursion of the MCU. Loki season 2 is the most likely place where Doctor Strange will appear next because his trilogy will be concluded in Phase VI and there needs to be a substantial setup before that. Moreover, Clea needs to have an entire arc before she becomes relevant to the MCU. We need to establish her powers and her motivations to be able to make use of her in the final battle. Kang might also be seeking out the power of the Dark Dimension and their spatial spells which will allow him to safely adjoin worlds together.


Where Doctor Strange will appear next

Ever since the release of Multiverse of Madness, fans have been theorizing that the MCU might be leading up to Secret Wars. This is an event that occurs when different timelines and universes are conjoined together to ensure that reality does not unravel on its own. In the latest iteration of this event in the comics, we got to see Doctor Doom taking control of the Battleworld.


The Future

We fully expect that Kang will be the leader of the TVA and the Battleworld going forward in the MCU. But we cannot say when it will happen or where Doctor Strange will appear next. It might be in the TVA headquarters or it might be in a different universe altogether. But Strange and Kang will have to form an alliance to make sure that the multiverse survives this ordeal.


It is possible that their alliance will last only as long as they look for a solution to the larger problem of the multiversal incursions. Secret Wars seems like a very real possibility right now.

What do you think where Doctor Strange will appear next? Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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