20 Times Tom Holland And Zendaya Made Us Believe In Love

Tom Holland and Zendaya play Spider-Man and MJ in the Spider-Man movies and they are love interests of each other in the MCU. We loved the chemistry between them and at one point in time fans wanted them to be in a real-life relationship, but they refused the rumor to be true. But after fans caught them together kissing everything seems crystal clear. They both look so adorable together and here we have brought you some beautiful images of Tom Holland and Zendaya which made us all believe in love:

1. Holding Hands Forever!


2. Love Them Together!

3. So In Love!


4. Going To Matches Together!

5. Partying Together!


6. Adorable!

7. So Cute!


8. Omg, Love Them!

9. Damn Those Laughter!


10. Cuties!

Tom Holland and Zendaya

11. Attended A Wedding Together!


12. Caught Kissing Together!

13. Cheers!


14. Great One!

15. She Can Lift Him!


16. Wonderful Time!

17. Perfect!


18. Lovely!

19. Stylish!


20. Haha!

Do you also like to see Tom Holland and Zendaya together? Did you like their performances in No Way Home? Comment your answers down.

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