20 Perfect Behind-The-Scenes Images From Doctor Strange 2 Set

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness movie was just a blast. Fans are really appreciating the movie and so here we bring you some of the behind-the-scenes images from Doctor Strange 2 set that will brighten up your day:

1. She’s The Cutest!


2. Perfect!

3. Sweet!


4. The Team!

5. In Shape!


6. On The Skates To The Work!

7. Adorable!


8. Sam Raimi Shooting!

9. Wong On The Set!


10. Understanding The Scene!

11. Celebrating The Film Wrap!


12. Dark!

13. Whoaa!


14. On The Camera!

15. So Cute!


16. Great!

17. All Set!


18. Fun Moment!

19. Lovely, These Three!


20. Chills!

Which behind-the-scenes images from Doctor Strange 2 set is your favorite? let us know your answers in the comments down.

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