The Blue Lagoon Full Movie Download Filmywap in High Quality [HQ]

The Blue Lagoon Full Movie Download Filmywap – The Blue Lagoon is a 1980 English American box office romantic survival drama that was directed by Randal Kleiser. 


The Blue Lagoon Full Movie Download Filmywap

Plot of the Movie

  • A boy and girl are left stranded on a tropical island located somewhere in the South Pacific. 
  • These teenagers somehow learn to survive in the absence of any adult guidance.
  • Unaware of the reality that very soon sexual maturity will began its work.
  • Because of which they will end up falling for each other.

Cast of the Movie

  • Brooke Shields as Emmeline Lestrange
  • Elva Josephson as Young Emmeline
  • Christopher Atkins as Richard Lestrange
  • Glenn Kohan as Young Richard
  • Bradley Pryce as Little Paddy Lestrange
  • Chad Timmermans as Infant Paddy
  • Leo McKern as Paddy Button
  • William Daniels as Arthur Lestrange
  • Alan Hopgood as Captain
  • Gus Mercurio as Officer

About Songs of the Movie

The Blue Lagoon’s music score was developed by Basil Poledouris.


Some Interesting Facts About the Movie

  • The Blue Lagoon is inspired by Henry De Vere Stacpoole’s 1908 novel carrying the same name. 
  • The flora-fauna that viewers see in the movie includes an array of animals from multiple continents.
  • Including a species of iguana that was till date unknown to biologists.
  • The Fiji crested iguana was introduced to the world via herpetologists because of The Blue Lagoon.

Audition Process Details

  • Jodie Foster auditioned for the role of female lead i.e Emmeline Lestrange.
  • But she was not entertained i.e. turned down. 
  • Kelly Preston too met the same fate during the auditions. 
  • Meanwhile, Diane Lane was offered the role.
  • But she declined the offer. 
  • John Belushi was considered for the role of Richard Lestrange.
  • But he was not entertained, as he was deemed not fit for the part.


Douglas Day Stewart



Columbia Pictures


Production Company(s)

Columbia Pictures

Movie Duration 

105 Minutes


IMDB Rating

5.8 out of 10.


Languages In Which Movie Was Released 



Box Office Release Date

June 20, 1980


Shooting Locations

  • Nanuya Levu
  • A privately owned island in Fiji.



Script Writers

  • The Blue Lagoon
  • by Henry De Vere Stacpoole



Randal Kleiser


The Blue Lagoon Full Movie Filmywap Download Here


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