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Every Time Fans Called Doctor Strange 2 A Spider-Man 4 Movie

Doctor Strange 2 is absolutely going to be the greatest movie of this year. Sam Raimi who directed the First Spider-Man Trilogy with Tobey Maguire is directing this movie. Ever since it was announced that Sam Raimi is going to Direct Doctor Strange 2, fans are funnily preferring it to Spider-Man 4 movie. Let us see how hilariously they are trolling it:

1. LOL!


2. More!

3. That’s Right!

Spider-Man 4 movie


4. Okay!

5. Spider-Man 4 All Along!


6. Haha!

Spider-Man 4 movie

7. Bigger Things Happening!


8. WTH!

Spider-Man 4 movie

9. Stay Calm!


10. Oops!

Spider-Man 4 movie

11. Of Course!


12. A Lot!

13. Real Crime!


14. Whoaa!

15. Minds Will Be Blown!


16. So Good!

Are you excited about the Spider-Man 4 movie? share your excitement down in the comments.

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