20 Ultimate Fan Reactions For Moon Knight Episode 4

Moon Knight is going so strong with each and every episode of it, and the new episode was just totally amazing. It just blew our minds off with its ending part. Check out how fans reacted to Moon Knight episode 4:

1. Exactly!


2. The Ending!

3. How Can I Wait!


4. Let Him Out!

5. Totally!


6. WTF!!

7. Super Shocked!


8. Absolutely!

9. A Trip!

Moon Knight episode 4


10. Game Changer!

11. Literally!


12. Read It!

13. We’re In Pain!


14. LMAO!

15. WandaVision??


16. Most Hilarious One!

17. That’s Right!


18. It Just Blew Our Minds Off!

19. Good Explanation!


20. Super Funny!

Did you like episode 4? Which part of the episode do you like the most? tell us about it below in the comments.

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