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20 Times Fans Proved They Just Can’t Wait Any Longer For Thor 4 Trailer

Thor: Love And Thunder release date is very near and still we haven’t gotten any trailer yet. Fans are angry with the Marvel Studios for not releasing Thor 4 trailer. Here we bring you the posts by fans that proved how much they’re being upset for not getting the Thor 4 trailer:

1. LOL!


2. Seriously!

3. Oh God No!


4. Where Is It?

5. Internally Screaming!


6. Manifesting Now!

7. Nothing!


8. Give Us The Trailer Already!

9. Liar!


10. We Did Notice!

Thor 4 trailer

11. Sad!


12. Still Waiting!

13. Got To Go!


14. Catchphrase!

15. Exactly!


16. Haha!

17. Totally!


18. The Nightmare Begins!

19. Waiting Long Enough!


20. What’s Going On!

Are you also excited and waiting for the trailer? comment your answer in the comments section down.

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