20 Sweetest Marvel Pet Memes That Every MCU Fan Must Check Out

Marvel comics are filled with so many iconic pets of which few have entered the MCU already. First, we had Carol Denver’s Cat Goose, then we saw the amazing Alligator Loki, Shang-Chi introduced us to the magical creature Morris. Hawkeye gave us the sweetest Lucky the Pizza Dog. Now we have Gus from on going Moon Knight series. Check out some of the sweetest Marvel pet memes for you all to adore:

1. We Believe In That!

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2. That Damned Smile!

3. Oh Yeah!

Marvel pet memes

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4. Absolutely!

5. This Is Funny!

Marvel pet memes

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6. Uh Oh!

7. Super Confused!

Marvel pet memes

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8. Whoaa!

9. Later Gator!

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10. This Could be Fun!

Marvel pet memes

11. Yeyee!

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12. Most Trusted One!

13. Who Do You Guys Like Most?

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14. Oh Yeah!

Marvel pet memes

15. Now That’s The Poster We Want!

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16. We So Wanted Them!

17. That’s Harsh!

Marvel pet memes

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18. They’re The Real Gems!

19. This Is Gus!

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20. It’s Kill Time!

Tell us in the comments which Marvel pet memes you liked the most.

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