20 Snippets Showing Why Andrew Garfield is too Adorable for this World!

Andrew Garfield first donned the Spider-Man costume in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. His movies didn’t receive the same love as Tobey Maguire’s or Tom Holland’s movies because of their unsatisfying scripts. However, that never changed the fact that Andrew Garfield’s iteration of Spider-Man was one of the most comic-accurate ones. Recently, Andrew Garfield reprised the role after almost 7 years in Spider-Man: NWH and broke the internet. Here we bring you some of the amazing moments of his where he’s too adorable for everyone:

1. When He Just Shared the Unthinkable Things From The No Way Home Set!


2. The Most Honest Answer!

3. Tobey’s Got Back!


4. When He Explained Her So Beautifully!

5. He Could Be Really Funny!


6. He’s a Great Fan!

7. He Made Tobey Blush!


8. When He Kissed Ryan Reynolds On The Award Show!

9. His Funniest Laugh!


10. When He Instantly Responded Just After Will Smith’s Oscar Moment!

Why Andrew Garfield is too adorable

11. When We Saw These Two Together!


12. He is Quite Funny!

13. Sweet Thought!


14. He Being Super Shy With Fans Thirsty Tweets!

15. OMG!


16. When He Told Us About How He Snuck Into The Theatre To Watch No Way Home With Tobey!

17. Such an Adoring Picture!


18. He’s Himself is The Biggest Spider-Man Fan!

19. And He Has Always Been The Spidey Fan!


20. That’s All!

The above memes clearly justify why Andrew Garfield is too adorable, what do you think about him? comment it down.

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