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20 Memes Roasting Morbius Like Hell!!

Sony’s next character in the Spider-Man Universe finally made its debut with Morbius. Even though the previous two movies in the franchise have had a poor reception from the critics, this movie was absolute considering even the audience didn’t end up enjoying it. And so here we bring you some of the funniest memes roasting Morbius movie:

1. GodDamnit!

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2. LOL!

3. Have To Tell Him!

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4. Haha!

5. Seriously!

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6. Saved!

7. Oh Dear God!

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8. Was That Fake?

Memes roasting Morbius

9. Oh God!

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10. Damn That Will Be So Cool!

Memes roasting Morbius

11. Such A Freak!

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12. LMAO!

13. Obvious!

Memes roasting Morbius

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14. Very Funny!

15. Most Disappointing!

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16. Totally!

Memes roasting Morbius

17. At Your Service!

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18. Very Bad!

Memes roasting Morbius

19. It Was Supposed To Be That!

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20. Hehe!

Memes roasting Morbius

Fans don’t look happy with Morbius Movie, tell us which memes roasting Morbius made you laugh in the comments down.

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