20 Adorable Pictures of Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone That Shows How Cute This Couple Was

Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone have been the sweetest couple in Hollywood for a while. They both portrayed the role of Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man movies. They looked perfect together and now the fans want them to be back together. Check out how much Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone look adorable together:

1. Hand In Hand!


2. Perfect!

3. Stunning!


4. Best One!

5. So Cute!


6. These Two!

7. So Charming!


8. On the Amazing Spider-Man Set!

9. Perfect Together!


10. The Way He Looks At Her!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

11. Aww!


12. Darling Couple!

13. The Love Hug!


14. Great Couple With Engaging Goggles!

15. Precious!


16. Haha!

17. Get Back Together!


18. Wow!

19. The Way She Looks At Him!


20. Kissing Moment!

Did you like them as a couple? Would you like to see them again together? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments.

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