18 Times Fans Roasted Ezra Miller For Being Arrested

Ezra Miller is not having the best year as fans might have expected due to his involvement in two major projects of the year. Celebrities making it to the news with reports of misbehaviour and misconduct is nothing new. This often ends up affecting the performance of their movies at the box office or some major changes to the project. Here check out how fans are roasting Ezra Miller after he got arrested:

1. Gotta Break The Rule!


2. Totally!

3. LOL!


4. Oh No!

5. Oh Boy!


6. Totally Losing It!

7. It’s Just Gone!


8. Even Harder!

9. Oops!

Ezra Miller


10. Haha!

11. Not Again!


12. LOL!

13. Double Time!


14. Oh God No!

15. Out Of Nowhere!


16. It’s All Right Now!

17. LMAO!


18. Hehe!

Which of the above Ezra Miller roasting did you laugh at the most? We would like to know and share your laughter with us in the comments below.

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