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18 Funniest And Hilarious Gorr Memes Before Thor 4’s Trailer

Thanks to Murphy’s Multiverse the fans have been able to set their eyes on the first look at the design for the main characters in Thor: Love And Thunder. The site revealed an image featuring the new wave of Marvel Legends action figures for all the major players in Love and Thunder. This includes the first complete look at Gorr’s design in the MCU, a look at Ravager Thor, Chris Pratt’s new beard, and some major plot details featuring King Valkyrie. Since the reveal fans seem quite disappointed with the Gorr’s look but some are loving it as the character has been portrayed by Christian Bale. Check out the rib-tickling Gorr memes:

1. Finally!

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2. Words Come True!

3. Crazy Cast!

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4. That’s Right!

5. Absolutely!

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6. Uh Oh!

Gorr memes

7. He’s King!

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8. Whoaa!

9. God Of Transformation!

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10. Hehe!

11. Give Him The Wand!

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12. Same Picture!

13. Perfect!

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14. Crazy!

15. Through The Multiverse!

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16. LOL!

17. When Did This Happen!

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18. Exactly!

Which of the above Gorr memes did you find hilarious? Share your laughter with us down in the comments

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